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"We are driven by our deep passion to carefully develop natural, organic, safe and effective alternatives that help deliver lasting benefits to our customers."

Who we are

"Our products incorporate a holistic approach that supports the body's inherent natural wisdom and abilities to balance itself using nutritional supplements found only in Mother Nature's

"medicine cabinet."

"Well-being isn't just about diet and exercise, it's also about nutrition and what we put in our bodies.

In the age of processed foods and hectic lifestyles, it can be difficult to give the body all the nutrients

it needs."

Why Sanavitta

  Supporting the digestion system to break down food into vital nutrients. The body uses the nutrients from food for energy, growth, and cellular repair.


  A comprehensive body cleansing and natural detoxification program, to strengthen and promote optimum function of the organs.

Weigh Loss

  Our approach is not about dieting, it is about giving you the tools to bring real change in a healthy and sustainable way.

Women's Health

  Focus on bringing your body into optimal balance, which will natural diminish the physical discomfort.        This involves mental, emotional balance, which is a healthy goal for any phase of life, including menopause.


  A natural path that boost your immune system and works at balancing and rejuvenating your body


  Help increase your self-awareness and give you a way into developing inner peace and better physical health.


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“My story with Sanavitta started 2 years ago, I was cruelly betrayed, and my self-esteem was very low, I felt fat, ugly and sad. One day on my way to work I was parking the car and I had about 30 minutes off before I entered, I turned on the radio and there was Gloria B talking about some weight-loss pills, I decided to listen and after many weight loss treatments, I said to myself "well let's try it and see what happens". I called the number and I was treated very kindly, asked many questions and then I made the purchase for 3 months. When I started I weighed 250 lbs and I took me 2 years to go down, it was very easy and I walked a lot, gradually my clothes started to get looser and I went from 18-20 down to 16, after a few months to 14, a year later I was already at 12 and I reached size 8. Now, after losing 100 lbs," I take them to keep my weight and I hope to stay this way. I feel very good, my knees no longer hurt. Looks and admiration for the way I look, it makes me feel super good. I thank this product for raising my self-esteem and I think it's better than surgery.

There's a lot to tell about, but here is a bit of what I think.

— Marcela Villalba- Flushing, NY.


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