“Nourish the body in a way that ensures optimal intestinal health and internal cleansing”

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What is Sanacolon?

  • Treatment that gentle cleanse the colon, eliminating waste and toxins while ensuring optimal intestinal health.

  • Each ingredient was selected to create a product that target the root of the problem plus effectively manages the symptoms.

  • Is uniquely formulated to gently internally cleanse and detox, as well as promote regularity and help prevent constipation.

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Why Sanacolon?

  • Cleanse, detox and eliminate harmful toxins from the body to gentle yet effectively internally cleanse, ridding the body of excess waste accumulated over time.

  • Regulate pH levels within the stomach, balancing healthy bacteria to enhance good intestinal flora and reduce bloating and gas. 

  • Maintain healthy intestinal balance to ensure more effective system function. Increase metabolism, enhance weight loss and maintain sense of well-being. 

  • Support optimal support for colon health and effective function. Boost body’s natural defense mechanisms and nutrient deficiencies.

  • Flush out waste and toxins to detoxify the body.

  • Help maintain healthy intestinal and digestive balance.

  • Nourish healthy colon

  • Increase energy levels and boost the metabolism.

  • Assist weight loss.

  • Relieve constipation and promote regularity.

  • Help promote healthy levels of bacteria in the intestine.

  • Relax your stomach, so you will not suffer pains for bad digestion.

  • Senna Leaves

  • Cascara Sagrada Bark 

  • Aloe Leaves

  • Ginger Root

  • Black Walnut Hulls

  • Flax seeds

  • Psyllium Husks

  • Passionflower Herb 


  Take 1 capsule daily before bedtime

with a glassful of water

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“It has helped me a lot in weight loss and I have felt very good, my hair, my energy, I am very happy with this product.  I intend to keep taking it for the good results. Thank you for your products that are

of great help to our health.

— Laura Rivero- Los Angeles, CA.

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