“Nourish the body in a natural way that ensures your menopause suffering

is a thing of the past”.


What is Sanapause?

  • Is a treatment to help women have a smoother transition throughout menopause. 

  • Each ingredient was carefully selected, based on years of research to produce a top-quality all-in-one supplement formulated to quickly relieve menopause symptoms.

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Why choose Sanapause?

  • Control symptoms such as irritability and fatigue in order to significantly improve your quality of life.

  • Combat menopause symptoms, providing relief from hot flashes, nights sweats and the inability to sleep.

  • Stabilize the body’s hormonal balance. Gives you complete 24/7 coverage in order to target specific symptoms that occur at different times of the day.

  • Helps to reduce and improve menopause symptoms, providing much needed support and overall wellbeing during menopause.

  • Relieve hot flashes and mood swings

  • Decrease menopausal irritability

  • Improve concentration and memory issues

  • Reduce fatigue and night sweats

  • Help combat insomnia

  • Boost energy

  • Help to increase libido

  • Kelp Seaweed

  • Black Cohosh Extract 2.5% 

  • Dong Quai Root

  • Wild Yam Root

  • Sarsaparrilla Root 

  • Damiana Leaves 

  • Gamma-Oryzanol

  • Red Raspberry Leaves 

  • Vitex Berry Powder

  • Soy Isaflavons


  Take 1 capsule with a glassful

of water daily

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“Menopause has just start to hit me hard, the worst part for me was the hot flashes, night sweats and irritability. I thought I would never feel normal again! A friend told me about Sanapause, and after reading the reviews I decided on this supplement. I’m so glad I did! I’ve been taking it every day for 2 weeks now, I feel so much better, hot flashes are seldom now, and when it hits me, it’s very mild! Helped me with all the other symptoms also! I’m so glad I gave it a try! I’m a very happy costumer and will buy it again!

— Amy Magana- Chicago, IL.

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